Defying conventional wisdom: Promoting a fact-based approach

The greatest threat facing innovation is a reliance on ‘conventional wisdom’, which constrains industries to old methods that have little basis in fact. Those who seek to find certainty in innovation misunderstand its inherently uncertain nature, and only selecting ideas that have been rigorously tested will lead to disappointing results.

How do we identify when a paradigm shift is needed? What is standing in the way of institutions fully embracing transformative new ways of doing business?

A system based in facts and evidence must form part of the solution. By fostering trust in facts as the basis for decision making, making transparency a priority, and promoting the dissemination of ideas, all stakeholders will have the opportunity to understand fast-moving shifts in policy.

When facing the world’s greatest challenges, stagnation is not an option. By promoting a fact-based approach, we can move away from ideology to embrace the potential of defying conventional wisdom.