“We see something like $20 Trillion Dollars of Losses”

Anderson: Given how bleak that is, people are asking, what kinds of industries, organizations, companies have the best prospects of thriving, going forward?

Dalio: Well, you see, that’s the beauty of it. There are two types, basically. There are those that are stable meat and potatoes not leveraged kind of companies. You know the Campbell’s soup equivalent, like everybody’s going to use them all the time, kind of thing. Then there are the innovators… That new innovation, those who can adapt well, and innovate well, and don’t have balance sheet problems, in other words they have strong balance sheets, they have strong balance sheet, so they’re going to be able to play the game, they will be great winners. And so there’s always new inventions. New creativity, that is the new adaptation, that becomes a company and an entrepreneur. They’re going to do great, plus the stuff that we’re always going to need. Those are the things that are going to do great… I am a globalist. I have a dream and a wish. That the best of the best can operate together and work together for that common good.