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February 2021

PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND | Investigation of novel SARS-CoV-2 variant Variant of Concern 202012/01 Technical briefing 5 | CNN | Coronavirus strain in UK picks up mutation that could impact vaccines, experts say

February 3rd, 2021|COVID-19 Antigenic Drift; Random Genetic Mutation ("Variants"), Genetics, Science, Transmission, Vaccines & Immunity|

DOWNLOAD REPORT Summary SGTF detections indicate VOC202012/01 continues to predominate across all regions. S gene target failure remains a well correlated proxy measure of VOC 202012/01. An assessment of severity [...]

INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE | The Economic Case for Global Vaccinations | An ICC Research Foundation commissioned study showing that advanced economies stand to lose USD trillions through vaccine nationalism

February 1st, 2021|Economy, Finance, Science, Vaccines & Immunity|

A study commissioned by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Research Foundation has found that the global economy stands to lose as much as US$9.2 trillion if governments fail to [...]

January 2021

THE WASHINGTON POST | Why America is ‘flying blind’ to the coronavirus mutations racing across the globe | Researchers warn the U.S. desperately needs to sequence more genomes so it can stay ahead of new variants

January 30th, 2021|COVID-19 Antigenic Drift; Random Genetic Mutation ("Variants"), Genetics, Preparedness, Science|

The United States is doing so little of the genetic sequencing needed to detect new variants of the coronavirus — like the ones first identified in Great Britain and South Africa [...]

DER SPIEGEL | British Infectious Disease Expert Warns of New Mutations “We Are in a Dramatic Race Against a Changing Virus” Despite the start of vaccinations, British medical expert Jeremy Farrar doesn’t believe there will be a quick return to normality. Instead, a “new dangerous phase of the pandemic” is beginning.

January 5th, 2021|Another Pandemic ALERT, COVID-19 Antigenic Drift; Random Genetic Mutation ("Variants"), Genetics, Science, Second Wave, Sir Jeremy Farrar. Genius., Transmission, Vaccines & Immunity|

Jeremy Farrar, 59, is director of the Wellcome Trust, leading the world's second largest foundation supporting medical research. The scientist was head of the clinical research unit  at the Hospital for [...]

CNN | 2020’s alternative universe is not going away | Dangerous Covid-19 conspiracy theories are here to stay |  Experts fear online misinformation will fuel hesitancy in taking the vaccine, a vital weapon in the fight against the virus.

January 3rd, 2021|Information Pollution, Social Innovation|

London (CNN). At a recent Saturday protest outside London's Stratford train station -- comprised of bindi-wearing hippies, conspiracy theorists in balaclavas, and middle-aged men in waterproof jackets -- a protester [...]



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