From scientific reports on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 we have curated a handful:

An interactive website tracking COVID-19 vaccine development – The Lancet

July 8; Immunity; Correlates of Protection

July 8; Pathology; Immune Response to Virus

July 8; Human Genetics; COVID-19

June 18; Immunity; NAbs and ADE

June 17; Vaccine; Design

June 17; Antigenic Drift; Delta Variant

June 16; Immunity; Vaccines

June 1; Immunity; Variants of Concern

May 31. mRNA Vaccines

May 26; Adenovirus Vector Vaccine; Adverse Event Mechanism

May 21; Immunology; T-Cell Response

May 20; Immunology; Structural and Functional Targets

May 12; Immunology; Pathology Prediction

May 12; Epidemiology; Transmission Rates

May 10; Vaccines; Pan-coronavirus

May 6; Pathology; Review

May 4; Immunity; Innate and Adaptive

May 4; Molecular; Epitopes

May 4; Testing; Public Health Review

April 24; Transmission; Indoor Guidelines

April 22; Immune Response; mRNA Vaccines

April 20; Immunity; single cell multi-omics

April 9; Immunity; Correlates of Protection

April 9; Vaccine Breakthrough; South African variant, B.1.351

April 9; AZ Vaccine; Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocyopenia (VITT)

April 8; mRNA Vaccine; Adaptive Immune Response

March 30; mRNA Vaccines; Autoimmunity

March 25; Variants; Immune Response

March 12; Virus; Super Site Target

March 12; Virus; Super Site Target

March 2; mRNA Vaccines; Adverse Events

March 2; Infection; Genetics

March 1; Immune Response; Variants

Feb 25; One dose or two?

Feb 23; Immune Response; Antibodies

Feb 16; Epidmiology; Mass Testing

Feb 16; Immune Response; Interferons

Feb 12. Immunity; Antibody Function

Feb 8. Opinion; Pandemic Preparedness

Feb 5. Genomics; Evolution

Feb 3. Genomics; Interferon Response

Jan 29. Genomics; Interferon Response

Jan 28. Information Pollution Kills

Jan 26. Immunity; Antibodies

Jan 12. Epidemiology; Immunity

Jan 12. Epidemiology; Immunity

Jan 11. ACE2 and Interferons

Jan 8. Epidemiology; Masks Work. Definitive Review.

Jan 7. Vaccines; Immunity and Variants

Jan 7. Vaccines; Immunity and Variants

Jan 6. Viral Mutation; Variants and Strains

Jan 5. Viral Mutation; Vaccine Escape

Jan 1. Genomics and Structure

Dec 28. Viral Mutation; Antibody Escape

Dec 22. Immune Response Kinetics; Antibodies and Outcome

Dec 21. Viral Variants; B.1.1.7 in the UK

Dec 21. Viral Variants; South Africa

Dec 19. Viral Variants; Antigenic Drift

Dec 18. Viral Genomics; COG-UK Data Showcase

Dec 18. Viral Variants; B.1.1.7 in the UK

Dec 11. Pathology; Genetic Biomarkers for Disease Risk

Dec 10. Pathology; Heart Failure

Dec 4. Pandemic Preparedness; Vaccine Technology

Dec 4. Immunology; Vaccine

Dec 4. Pathology; Interferon Response

Dec 3. Clinical Trials; Ethics of Placebo

Dec 2.

Dec 1. Genomics; 6 Strains

Dec 1. Pathology; Infection, nose to brain

Nov 30. Pathology; Infection

Nov 30. Molecular Biology; Protein Fold Prediction with AI

Nov 27. Vaccine; Structural Analysis

Nov 26. DNA and RNA Tech Review

Nov 26. Pathology;

Nov 26. Immunology; T Cells

Nov 25. Immunology; Long-Covid

Nov 24. Epidemiology; Transmission

Nov 24. Vaccine; Adenovirus Vector

Nov 19. Viral Genomics; COG-UK Report

Nov 19. Immunology; Antibodies and Immunity

Nov 16. Immunology; Long-term Response

Nov 15. Therapy. Long Covid

Nov 13. New (second) Effective Treatment; Advanced COVID

Nov 9. Pathology; Brain. Mental Illness

Nov 5. Immunology; Gut Reservoir and B-Cell Response

Nov 5. Immunology; Children and Adults

Nov 2. Pathology; Interferon Deficiency

Oct 31. Vaccine; Protein Nanoparticle

Oct 28. Viral Evolution; 20A.EU1

Oct 27. GOV UK; Vaccine Task Force

Oct 27. Pathology; Immune Response

Oct 24. Molecular Pathology; Genetic Mechanism(s) of Infection

Oct 24. Molecular Pathology; Mechanism of Infection

Oct 21. Treatment; Aspirin and Blood Thinning

Oct 20. Pathology; Heart Disease and COVID-19

Oct 18. Pathology; Permanent Organ Damage and Long-Covid in Hospitalized Patients

Oct 16. Pathology. Multi organ damage.

Oct 15. Treatment; WHO SOLIDARITY Trial. No evidence of efficacy.

Oct 12. Infectious Disease; Reinfection and ADE

Oct 10. Pathology; Immunity. B Cell Response

Oct 7. FDA; Industry Guidance. Vaccine Emergency Use.

Oct 5. Pathology; Neurologic Symptoms in 82% of hospitalized coronavirus patients

Oct 5. Clinical Trials; Vaccine

Oct 3. Open Science; Radvac White Paper v9 and Open Data

Oct 2. Pathology; Immune Response

Sept 30. The Virus; Furin Cleavage Site

Sept 29. Pathology; Genetic Database

Sept 27. Systematic Review of Therapeutic Targets

Sept 25. Vaccines; Regulation and Innovation

Sept 24. Interferon Mechanism, Pathology and Treatment

Sept 24. Pathology; Immune Response

Sept 23. Pathology; Heart Damage

Sept 21. Pathology; Pediatric Immune Response

Sept 21. The Virus; Spike Structure

Sept 17. Pathology; Immunity and Antibodies

Sept 16. Pathology; Transmission

Sept 16. Pathology; Immune Response Demographics

Sept 15. Pathology; Obesity and Diabetes

Sept 14. The Virus; Molecular Structure

Sept 11. Pathology; Heart Damage in Athletes

Sept 11. Pathology; Immune Response

Sept 11. The Virus; Structure

Sept 10. Pathology; Immune Response

Sept 10. Emergence of the Pandemic

Sept 10. Vaccine; Public Confidence

Sept 9. Economic; $7.5 Billion a Day ($52 a week) Healthcare Burden in LMICs

Sept 8. Public Health; Test sensitivity vs. Frequency

Sept 8. Pathology; Brain Damage

Sept 4. Pathology; Immune Response

  • Broad and strong memory CD4+ and CD8+ T cells induced by SARS-CoV-2 in UK convalescent individuals following COVID-19

Sept 3. Pathology; Infection Mechanisms

Sept 1. Public Health; Antibody Testing

Aug 27. Vaccine; Trials

Aug 26. Pathology; Heart Damage

Aug 24. Treatment; Antibodies

Aug 21. Vaccine; Nasal Dosing

Aug 21. Treatment; Remdesivir

Aug 13. Vaccines; Development Status Report

Aug 13. Treatment; Bradykinin Antagonist

Aug 12. Vaccine; Protein Nanoparticle

Aug 11. Vaccine Safety; ADE

July 31. Pathology; Mechanisms

July 29. Bill Gates on US Testing

July 28. Public Health; Open Science

July 28. Evolutionary Origin

July 25. Epidemiology

July 24. Pathology; ACE2 and Interferon

July 23. Pathology; Pre-existing Immunity

July 17. Pathology; Biomarkers

July 15. Nano-materials for Vaccines

July 9. Vaccine Technology; mRNA

July 9. Pathology; Long COVID

July 7. Pathology; The Bradykinin Model

July 7. Pathology; Immune Response

July 6. Pathology; Aerosol Transmission

July 6. Pathology; Immune Response Assays

July 1. Antigen Assay; RT-LAMP (The Crick)

June 29. Pathology; T Cell Immune Response

June 25. Pathology; Thrombosis

June 22. Pathology; Cellular Immune Response without Seroconversion

June 18. Antigen Testing at The Crick

June 17. Pathology; WHO Isolation Guidelines

June 16. Pathology; Brain Damage

June 16. First Treatment; Dexamethasone!

June 12. The D614G Mutation

June 8. Pathology; Immune Response

June 8. Pandemic Preparedness

June 8. Public Health; Estimating the effects of NPI in Europe

May 28. Pathology; ACE2 Receptor

May 27. Treatment; Off Label Drug Database

May 17. Treatment; Potent Neutralizing Antibodies

May 2. Pathology; Bradykinin Hypothesis

April 23. The Virus; SARS-CoV-2 Mutates to Deadly European Strain

April 21. Pathology; Viral Receptors

April 20. Pathology; Protein Interaction Mapping

April 10. Public Health; National Test and Trace Plan

April 10. Pathology; Pulmonary and Cardiac

March 26. Pathology; Transmission Dynamics

February 28. Responding to Covid-19 – Bill Gates

Dec 5. Review; Peptide-Based Vaccines