At 2pm on the 16th December 2020, the COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) consortium presented its first ‘Showcase Event’: SARS-CoV-2 sequencing to inform clinical care, public health interventions and policy decisions. Watch the recording of the event here. 0:002:30 Professor Sharon Peacock, Executive Director and Chair, COG-UK

2:315:18 Sir Patrick Vallance, UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor

5:197:35 Session 1 introduction: Overview of lineage introduction and transmission. Chair: Dr Rob Orford, Chief Scientific Adviser for Health, Welsh Government

7:3619:02 Scotland. Professor Matt Holden, University of St Andrews and Public Health Scotland

19:0329:46 Wales. Professor Tom Connor, Cardiff University and Public Health Wales

29:4742:18 Northern Ireland. Dr Derek Fairley, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

42:1950:39 Session summary and Implications for policy and practice. Professor Deenan Pillay, University College London

50:401:04:02 Questions and break

1:04:031:08:19 Session 2 introduction: Overview of Genomic-Informed Evidence on Transmission in Specific Environments. Chair: Professor David Crossman, Dean & Head of School of Medicine, University of St Andrews

1:08:201:20:44 Hospitals. Dr Estee Torok, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

1:21:261:29:50 Care homes. Dr Andrew Page, Quadram Institute, Norwich

1:30:321:43:00 Universities. Dr Ben Warne, University of Cambridge

1:44:001:57:38 Sentinel surveillance using pillar 2 samples. Dr Jeff Barrett, Wellcome Sanger Institute

1:57:472:11:04 The HOCI study. Professor Judy Breuer, University College London

2:11:152:16:49 Session summary and Implications for policy and practice. Professor Gordon Dougan, University of Cambridge

2:16:502:24:06 Break

2:24:072:24:35 Session 3 introduction: SARS-CoV-2 Mutations – Implications for Transmission, Disease Severity, Therapeutics and Vaccines. Chair: Dr Andrew Jermy, External Communications Lead, COG-UK

2:24:362:36:22 Overview: prevalence, tracking and importance. Professor David Robertson, University of Glasgow

2:36:412:46:50 Epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 Genetic Variants. Dr Erik Volz, Imperial College London

2:47:092:58:33 Mutations and clinical consequences. Professor Emma Thomson, University of Glasgow

2:58:443:15:10 SARS-CoV-2 mutational escape from therapeutic convalescent plasma. Professor Ravi Gupta, University of Cambridge

3:15:483:25:30 Coordination of mutation data for public health use. Dr Alessandro Carabelli, University of Cambridge

3:25:553:27:15 Closing remarks from the Director of COG-UK. Professor Sharon Peacock, Executive Director and Chair, COG-UK


Reprinted for educational purposes and social benefit, not for profit.