February 2021

January 2021

CNN | 2020’s alternative universe is not going away | Dangerous Covid-19 conspiracy theories are here to stay |  Experts fear online misinformation will fuel hesitancy in taking the vaccine, a vital weapon in the fight against the virus.

2021-01-03T09:27:11+00:00January 3rd, 2021|

London (CNN). At a recent Saturday protest outside London's Stratford train station -- comprised of bindi-wearing hippies, conspiracy theorists in balaclavas, and middle-aged men in waterproof jackets -- a protester [...]

December 2020

AXIOS | America’s vaccine trust crisis

2020-12-12T11:41:54+00:00December 12th, 2020|

An alarming number of Americans say they'd reject a COVID-19 vaccine, posing a risk to the country's ability to achieve widespread immunity. By Mike Allen, Margaret Talev Source: Axios Reprinted [...]